Meeting Matt: Legion Elite’s Up & Comer

To say that we work with fascinating people here at Legion Elite would be an understatement. Much like a quilt, complete with fabrics of different cultures, upbringings, skill sets, and talents, the corporate culture at Legion Elite is as unique as our people are!!

Meet Matt. OKC native, middle child to a family of 12, soccer star, entrepreneur, and up & coming Assistant Manager.

An Oklahoman through & through, Matt has called Oklahoma City home for all of his 26 years. The 6th child of 10, he grew up in a bustling household, never void of companionship or laughs! As one of the middle children and the 2nd youngest of 5 boys, Matt developed a competitive spirit early on and thanks his brothers for helping groom him into someone who’s aggressive and persistent about achieving his goals.

Developing a love for soccer as a child, Matt began playing at the age of 6 and accredits a lot of his discipline and grit to playing a sport for 2 decades! Home schooled until the age of 16, Matt started in public school as a Junior and immediately joined the school’s varsity soccer team as a center mid! When his soccer crew was recognized as the #1 team in the nation for their division, Matt began receiving attention from scouts looking to have him play at their university. Deciding to attend Missouri State after graduation, Matt spent his last months in high school prepping to play at a collegiate level!

Enrolling in Fall 2010, Matt spent the next 4 1/2 years exploring Springfield, studying managerial marketing, and playing his heart out for his MSU Bears! Knowing from his time at school that he was interested in entrepreneurship, Matt founded his own company after college named Omni Green. Specializing in tree trimming, he built his business book all across OKC, while also holding a spot on the professional Rayo OKC soccer team (amazing, we know!) Playing center-back for the team for a year, Matt got an opportunity to play at a much more competitive level and travel extensively!

When the Rayo OKC organization joined the North American Soccer League and ceased operations, Matt decided at that time to pursue a full-time career in a business setting. Submitting his application online and receiving a call from the Human Resources Department at Legion Elite, Matt came in for his first interview and was immediately drawn to the Management Training Program. After starting and seeing the people, the corporate culture, and the opportunity for internal growth, he was sold on his future at Legion Elite.

Over the last half year since starting, Matt has gone pedal to the medal in his training, constantly impressing us with his intensity and commitment to his goals! With intentions of being promoted into an Assistant Management role by the end of the year, Matt brings his “A-game” to the office every day and pushes us each to perform at our top tier.

Outside of work Matt enjoys still lacing up his cleats, doing some soccer coaching on the side, and hanging out with his significant other! Extending a big thank you to CEO, Dan, and colleague, Luke, Matt attributes a lot of his motivation at work to these two gentlemen and thanks them for their example and leadership.

Matt – thank you for bringing your intensity and your ambition to Legion Elite. You’re an incredible asset to our team and we can’t wait to see and be a part of your future successes. Keep up the amazing work! 💪






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