Give It Up For Garrett Graham

One of the values we believe in most at Legion Elite is that one’s educational or professional background are not limitations on their growth potential. Whether an accounting or political science major or previous dental hygienist, the playing field is level to all those entering our company. The only that separates those who progress into Management and those that don’t is work ethic and resiliency.

A prime example of our philosophy in action is Garrett Graham, former accountant and current bio-medics student at the University of Central Oklahoma! An individual with seemingly no sales, marketing, or leadership experience, yet someone who continuously sets the example and pace here at Legion Elite!!

Born in Tulsa and raised in Edmond, OK, Garrett grew up with a mitt and baseball in hand. Playing in competitive baseball leagues all across Oklahoma and the US for over a decade, Garrett learned about being a team player, goal-oriented, and ambitious from a young age.

Post high-school graduation, Garrett enrolled at The University of Oklahoma, sure of his desire to be an accountant. After 2 years and an intensive accounting internship, he realized that accounting was NOT the career path he wanted long-term. Deciding to then pursue veterinary medicine, Garrett transferred to The University of Central Oklahoma and changed his major to bio-medics.

As if that major wasn’t demanding enough, Garrett also worked part-time for an insurance company doing both accounting and marketing. Finding a knack and passion for the small marketing projects he was assigned, Garrett immediately started looking for entry level marketing jobs online. After coming across Legion Elite, he was impressed by the website and social media interaction, came in for a preliminary and second interview that same week, and hit it off immediately with the Management team. Shortly after he found himself accepting a fill time position, he was ready to see if an accounting/bio-medics student could find success as a Management Trainee (SPOILER ALERT: the answer is yes)!

In the time that Garrett has been at Legion Elite, he has shown us that the right attitude and mindset trump experience any day. His eagerness and genuine excitement to come to work make him an attractive energy to be around, and his contribution to our team so far has been tremendous.

When Garrett’s not working, you can find him hanging out with his girlfriend, Lauren, 2 dogs, Kimba & Sully, or watching Animal Kingdom (he loves crime shows and movies)! He believes that the grass is only green where you water it and intends to create a life for himself and his future family that he’s proud of. Within 3 months, Garret looks to be advancing towards an Assistant Management role, and in 6 months, towards a management position.

To watch his continued growth, follow Legion Elite on Twitter, and for more pictures of Garrett and the team, catch us on Instagram. Garrett – you’re awesome, buddy. We can’t wait to write about your next promotion in a few months. Keep up the great work!







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