Legion Elite Presents: Our CEO’s Advice To Upcoming Graduates

Here at Legion Elite in Oklahoma City, we place a high emphasis into hiring those from the best Universities in the state and nationally. Our team boasts an Iowa Hawkeye, a Belmont Bruin, an OU Sooner, Oklahoma State Cowboy, and a Ball State Cardinal – just to name a few! Despite any football rivalries 😂, our team’s diversity in schooling, region, and majors act as a conductor to our adaptability, creativity, and productivity.
With graduation right around the corner for the May class of 2017, we decided to interview the CEO of Legion Elite, Dan Sheppard, MA in Sports Management from Northern Illinois, and ask him a few questions about his thoughts on college, graduation and interviewing for a full-time position for the first time!
What advice would you give to someone when they are looking for a job right out of college?
I would tell someone to be open minded right out of college. I know you pick a major when you are in college but it is hard to judge a profession when you have never had any work experience before. It is OK to get started with something that is not what you studied in college. I actually do nothing related to what I studied in college or my Master’s program.
What kind of position can you expect to get right out of college?
When you are coming out of college you have to remember that you have minimal or no experience. Getting the corner office or hired right into a high-level management position is not very likely. You should look for somewhere that has advancement opportunity. It doesn’t need to take 20-30 years in order to be successful if you find the right position and are willing to learn and grow.
What do you look for in a candidate that is a recent college grad?
I look for someone who is willing to learn and work hard. Schooling doesn’t stop once you get a degree. All successful people continue to learn and invest in themselves throughout their whole life. I care less about how much someone learns in school but how coachable somebody is and how much they’re willing to learn today.
What is a college degree worth to you?
I think you learn a ton in college. You learn in classrooms about different subjects but more importantly, you learn life skills, such as time management and having a great work ethic. I believe college is more about learning to adjust to adversity and how to be a professional adult than anything else.
What advice would you give to someone who doesn’t really have any work experience?
Everyone has to start somewhere. It is OK to not have any experience as long as you recognize it and are willing to put the work in in order to learn the necessary skills. I would take someone who has a work ethic and a great student mentality over someone has a degree but might not be the best worker.
What kind of money should I expect to make out of college?
Every person is different and everyone has a different idea of what a lot of money is. I would recommend finding somewhere that has great bonus structures and somewhere where you hard work is going to pay off and reflect in paychecks. Most positions do not start at six figures but make sure to find a place where there is potential to increase your pay. Dead end jobs with no opportunity for a pay increase are not enjoyable and will end up being short-term. 
To all of the May graduates out there, we wish you luck in your search, confidence in your interview, and happiness in your decision. To see some of the latest Account Managers and Interns we’re adding to our Legion Elite team, check out our Instagram page and remember that hard work ALWAYS pays off, so be ready to put your head down and get to work!