Legion Elite: Celebrating Christian!

A great big ball of contagious energy – that’s how we would describe Christian Veith, Corporate Trainer at Legion Elite and March’s “Featured Team Member”! Personable, intelligent, and ambitious, he was the perfect addition to our company’s Management Training Program 8 months ago. In his time since, Christian has grown in confidence, charisma, and communications, perfecting his leadership skills and well on his way to helping Legion Elite expand to a new location outside of Oklahoma City!

Born and raised in Louisville, KY, Christian was an active child, spending his free time outside on the basketball court. Attributing his discipline at work to his years of basketball practice training, Christian developed a love for the game and its reward for those who worked hard at it. Many years later, that same merit based growth was the reason he was automatically attracted to Legion Elite.

A Belmont University graduate, Christian majored in Business Administration and Marketing, eager to utilize his natural energy and communication ability. Starting first in the music industry, and then moving into the restaurant/bartending field, Christian grew his interpersonal skills and knew after gaining a year of working it was soon time to move into a career with more professional stability and growth.

It was there in Nashville that he met CEO, Dan Sheppard, who a month later was leaving to open Legion Elite in Oklahoma City! Under the guidance of his mentor (his loving, powerhouse mother) Christian accepted the once in a lifetime opportunity to move and help a start-up from the ground up. Not even a full year since his move, Christian has now moved into a senior leadership position, aiding in the development of new hires and trainees within the company. With goals to move into an Assistant Management position within the next 6 months and a Branch Management role before the end of 2017, Christian studies (his butt off!!), improves, and wakes up the next day ready to do it all over again!

A believer in the quote “I never lose. I either win, or I learn” by Nelson Mandela, Christian was born to win and succeed in our business! When he’s not in the office, you can find him playing basketball, reading, listening to music, hanging outdoors or catching up with his mom on the phone. The strongest woman who raised 3 amazing children, Christian’s goal in business is to retire his role model and provide for her like she did for him all of these years!

With big things in sight for this rising star, we encourage you to follow Christian’s career with us on Instagram, and stay tuned in the next coming months for his promotion announcement! We are SO proud of you, Christian, and can’t wait to see where your personality and work ethic take you here at Legion Elite. Keep up the amazing work!


2 thoughts on “Legion Elite: Celebrating Christian!

  1. Christian,
    You have been a funny, smart, courageous, tenacious person, since we were lucky enough to have you enter our lives when you were just a wee boy.
    Now that you are a grown man, you continue to inspire and make us proud to be your family. We are so proud of your hard work and discipline and accomplishments. The best is yet to come, and we look forward to sharing all your successes in the future.
    Congratulations Christian
    We love you
    Pawpa and Grandma Janet


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