A Leader In The Making: Kris Sponsler’s Exposé

“Excuses will always be there for you, opportunity won’t.” This is the quote that Corporate Trainer, Kris Sponsler, lives by. It is this fundamental belief that has propelled him through Legion Elite’s Management Training Program and into a role of team leadership in just 4 short months! The conscious decision he makes everyday to work towards his dreams, with no time for doubt or excuses, is the reason he’s being recognize in this month’s leadership expose!

An Oklahoma City native, Kris traveled all across the country – from Missouri to Texas and Colorado – before finally settling back home in OKC! With an athletic background and competitive drive from childhood, Kris played collegiate basketball at Hesston University and finished his schooling and basketball career at Murray State! A kinesiology major, he found himself in roles, both in and out of school, coaching, mentoring and influencing the lives of others. It was that natural intuitive leadership ability that led him to find Legion Elite.

Sitting down with CEO, Dan Sheppard back in September, Kris was immediately attracted to the business model and the fact that all growth was merit-based. He loved the idea of building a life for his current and future family that would be a reflection of the work and effort he put in today. Overall, he saw himself with the ability to influence others in a way that similar to being back on the court!

4 months later, Kris has been promoted to a leadership role where he is now learning to manage different personalities, learning styles and business relationships. He believes that the discipline and grit that got him through a challenging childhood, a collegiate level sport, and an extensive ankle surgery, is what will help him be successful at Legion Elite (and we couldn’t agree with him more)!

In his spare time, Kris, his significant other, and younger brother can be found hiking around Oklahoma, spending time at the dog park with their Australian Shepherd, and hanging out with teammates from the office! He enjoys reading, believes fully in the process of daily self-development, and recommends the book 3 Feet From Gold as great inspiration to everyone in 2017!

Kris believes that if you don’t make a life that challenges you and forces you to be uncomfortable, you’ll never grow. He looks to continue to develop his communication, people and leadership skills daily, and advance into Assistant Management and Marketing Management positions over the next 6 months! With 2 grandfathers as role models, and the cheerleaders at Legion Elite rooting him on every day, Kris is destined for success, both inside and outside of the office. Stay tuned to see his growth and development here!



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