Legion Elite OKC: Racking Up Those Frequent Flyer Miles

It was a busy August for us here at Legion Elite OKC, as our work took us nearly coast to coast! Though we wouldn’t consider ourselves road warriors, our love for traveling is definitely apparent in the office, with opportunities for our team members to travel up to 2 times a month! They say that true growth begins outside of your comfort zone, and if that comfort zone was Oklahoma, we make sure we’re pushing outside of it regularly.

Last month, we sent our Marketing Manager, Dan, first to Atlanta and then to Los Angeles, each for 3 days! We decided to sit down with him to get the E! True Hollywood Special on his trips, who he saw, what he learned, and of course, what he was wearing (just kidding, Dan)!

Q – Alrighty! How are you feeling, Dan? Jet lagged at all?giphy-11

Dan – No, haha! It wasn’t that much flying. The time difference was interesting, though. I was ready for bed most nights by 10 but it was really 12 our time!

Q – So you went first to Atlanta! Why did our client send you there?

Dan – Our client knew we were in the beginning stages of opening Legion Elite OKC, so they wanted me to spend time with more seasoned consultants in our business who would be able to provide me great coaching and mentorship during this building phase. I’m really grateful they did that because I know it’s going to make a difference for our Legion Elite OKC office long term.

Q – What were some cool experiences you had during your trip?

Dan – Well, the mentor I stayed with, the guest bedroom in her house was probably the size of my apartment, so staying in a mansion was pretty cool! I also got to spend time in one of our client’s Atlanta based offices and see the day to day operations there, which was insightful. Lastly, they treated me to these awesome dinners and nights out at the Capital City Country Club (where Matt Ryan plays, no big deal)! Needless to say it felt really great to giphy-12network with such influential people and be able to pick their brain about their success in business.

Q – So after Atlanta, our client sent you over to Los Angeles for another 3 day networking opportunity! What were you doing there?

Dan – There they were covering a lot of best business practices in all areas from marketing, sales, recruitment, finances and most importantly, how to represent our client with the highest character and integrity. That mattered to me a lot.

Q – What was the best moment of the trip?giphy-13

Dan – I think it was realizing how much opportunity our team has for growth working with our client, as long as we keep things simple and work hard. Dinners by the ocean in Santa Monica never hurt anyone either, haha!

Q – Ok, last question! With all the travel we do for the office; what are 3 items you always have to bring with you?

Dan – Easy! Oakleys, Chapstick, and back up sunglasses!

And there you have it folks. We love how easy going and low maintenance this guy is as a side note!! Now you know – when you go to pack, don’t forget your 2 pair of shades! Thanks for tuning in for this month’s exclusive and stay tuned for next month’s expose on Legion Elite OKC’s trip to VEGAS, baby!!!




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